I Built A 4K Ultra HD Gaming PC... And I Love It

The next-generation of monitor technology is upon us, quadrupling the number pixels our monitors can manifest and placing a heavy burden on our beleaguered video cards. What does it take to put together a 4K-ready gaming PC? Let's find out, with a little help from AMD. » 4/22/14 4:54am Tuesday 4:54am

The High-Tech Soldiers of the Future Are Here

Those troops you saw in science fiction movies as a child are now real. A few years ago, many countries recognized a need to upgrade the individual infantryman and thus started their own "future soldier" programs. Most of them completed more or less the main priority objectives, applying them to some of their elite… » 4/17/14 12:28pm 4/17/14 12:28pm

Windows 8 runs well but that interface is horrible for use on a PC. For the same reasons that nobody wants to be in a Unix shell all the time, nobody wants to be constantly dealing with Metro. There are different use cases for everything. Why use a GUI at all if it just gets in the way of productivity? If you can type… » 4/03/14 12:16am 4/03/14 12:16am

Fire TV: Everything You Need to Know About Amazon's $100 Streaming Box

Amazon has kicked off its arrival to the streaming party with the announcement of new $100 device called Fire TV to satisfy all your TV watching needs today in a popcorn-scented New York event. Here's everything you need to know about it. » 4/02/14 12:24pm 4/02/14 12:24pm

Five Best Android Home Screen Replacements

Anyone can just download a launcher, but when you want an experience that transforms how you interact with your Android phone—especially one that's context-aware and surfaces information you need when you need it, you have a few solid options to choose from. Here are five of the best. » 3/30/14 12:31pm 3/30/14 12:31pm

Facebook Will Build Drones and Satellites to Beam Internet Around the…

In its quest to get the whole world online, Facebook's Internet.org project has included partnerships with companies like Samsung and Nokia, as well as with NASA. Now it seems that rumors about Mark Zuckerberg's drone dreams are true, and the social network giant is planning on internet-delivering drones, satellites,… » 3/28/14 7:37am 3/28/14 7:37am

Make the Most of Your Multiple Monitors in Windows

The price of extra monitors has fallen steadily over the years, quality has risen, and Windows is more multi-monitor friendly than ever. Here's how to make the most of your multi-monitor setup in Windows 7 and 8. » 3/22/14 4:13am 3/22/14 4:13am

Android Wear: Here Comes the Future of Android Smartwatches

Google just announced a new project called Android Wear, and as that name implies, it's an "at-a-glance" variation of Google's OS tailored specifically for wearables. So far, LG and Motorola have already announced Android Wear smartwatches, and they're just the first in a slew of Android-powered wristables coming this… » 3/18/14 12:14pm 3/18/14 12:14pm

Even cooler parents actually sing Frozen song perfectly

What the hell, internet, will the Frozen-mania ever stop? Check out these videos of people making fun of the picture-perfect parents from Texas and besting them in the process. First, these parents really sing the song Love Is an Open Door. It actually sounds as good as the original. » 3/17/14 12:20pm 3/17/14 12:20pm

Popcorn Time: A Movie Streaming Service Like Netflix, Only With…

I have a feeling Hollywood will try its best to attack Popcorn Time, but as a free, open-source project, it's going to be tough to take down. The developers have shown that movie piracy can be intuitive and user-friendly. If movie studios can't break down the release windows and old business models that prevent new… » 3/12/14 12:19pm 3/12/14 12:19pm

iOS 7.1 Makes Your iPhone 4 Usable Again

When iOS 7 was released, iPhone 4 users experienced a pretty dramatic slowdown that in a lot of cases left devices nearly unusable. Thankfully, according to Ars Technica, the just released iOS 7.1 fixes a bunch of problems and makes iOS 7 actually work on the iPhone 4. » 3/12/14 4:37am 3/12/14 4:37am

This Infographic Shows You How to Delete Yourself from the Internet

Ready to erase your tracks and disappear online, once and for all? This infographic from Who Is Hosting This reveals the nine steps you need to take to remove your personal information collected all over the web. » 3/06/14 3:23am 3/06/14 3:23am

What Does the Shape and Color of My Poop Mean?

Dear Lifehacker,
Like most people, I've pooped a lot in my lifetime. Usually things follow a fairly predictable pattern, but now and then I've seen unusual colors and shapes. I don't feel bad or have any discomfort, but I'm concerned these changes might mean something. How can I figure out when I should be concerned… » 3/05/14 4:36am 3/05/14 4:36am